SK | Bundle
SK | Bundle
SK | Original Series
SK | Lifestyle Series
SK | Extended Series
SK | Extended Series
SK | Lifestyle Series
SK | Original Series
SK | Lifestyle Series
SK | Original Series
SK | Lifestyle Series
SK | Lifestyle Series

Steve Ketner // Bundle Pack


Mobile & Desktop Presets

These new Lightroom Presets created by Steve Ketner are made for a variety of photo styles including outdoor lifestyle, automotive and action sports, adventure, cinematic shots, and more.

After working on various photography projects over the past year, Steve was able to put these amazing presets together in a refined bundle including some of his most used effects and many more that were developed for special projects. With a diverse range of usability, this new bundle of presets from Steve has you covered.

Crisp Tones
Detailed Effects
Intense styles
Warm / Cool Filters
Vintage Effects
Natural Colors
Automotive / Lifestyle / Action / Adventure / Outdoors / Nature


36 Lightroom Presets (.xmp, .lrtemplate, .dng)
Installation Instructions

File Compatibility:

Compatible with Lightroom 4-9, Lightroom Classic CC (Creative Cloud) and Lightroom Mobile.

Presets Filenames:

Original Series

SK_Blue Hour
SK_Buggy Run
SK_Chillout Evening
SK_Dubai’s Heat
SK_Gloaming Night
SK_Icy Ice
SK_Magic Hour
SK_Run Away

SK_Summer in Greece
SK_The 80s Retrospective
SK_The Aaron B Style

Lifestyle Series

SK_BW Film2
SK_Drawn With Pastels

SK_L.A. Calling
SK_Poolside Dream
SK_The 1970s
SK_Tropic High
SK_Yellow Exile

Extended Series

SK_Ammo Reload
SK_Dark Photos : Blueish
SK_Dark Photos : Greenish
SK_Dark Photos : Reddish
SK_Indoor Activity
SK_Mexico Hit
SK_Moonlight Sonata
SK_Nightcrawler : For Night
SK_Nolan Hole
SK_Poseidon Touch

* Non-refundable

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